Realising his Full Potential

Whether your son requires academic support or if his mind requires extending, he will be identified and catered for at Trinity.

Trinity's Inclusive Education provides equity and consideration for those students who may require additional support, for those who require extension and for those who may have medical conditions that are a barrier to their learning.

Each student who is supported by our Inclusive Education Department has a wide-ranging team around them. This team creates a management plan for each boy, identifying his needs and developing solutions to help him achieve his very best and maximise his potential.

Educational Learning Support

  • The work of the Inclusive Education team begins long before he attends the College. Ensuring resources, staff and support classes are properly allocated, are paramount to a successful transition for students who need extra support.
  • Once a student who needs learning support has successfully transitioned into his Trinity education, an individual development plan will be put into place tailored to his needs.
  • So that your son can realise his potential, we will strive to give him opportunities to shine.

Gifted & Talented

  • While a range of subject-specific extension opportunities are offered by the College's different learning faculties, the role of the Gifted & Talented Program is to provide cross-curricular academic extension that reaches beyond the traditional core subject areas.
  • If your son needs to be inspired and challenged academically, he will be provided with extension and enrichment to suit his ability, maturity and individual strengths.
  • We aim to encourage him so that he wants to take the reins and engage in his passions and challenges beyond the traditional school curriculum.
  • Boys are nurtured so that they develop a true love of learning through an immersion in a broad range of multi-disciplinary academic experiences.