Our Old Boys
…Keeping the Spirit Alive

Trinity boys have the advantage of being inspired by generations of Old Boys who are effective and good community leaders – Men for Others. In time, your son, too, will be welcomed into that group of Old Boys – the Trinity-Terrace Old Boys' Association, otherwise known as TOBA.

Old Boys are actively involved in the day-to-day life of Trinity College and they proudly serve as the integral conduit between past students of CBC Perth and Trinity College today. TOBA men are also part of significant school events and it is wonderful to see Old Boys and students sharing a story, knowing that they have a special connection.

In addition to maintaining the connection between past students, TOBA provides support and sponsorship to Old Boys and their families in the form of student bursaries. These bursaries support the sons or grandsons of Old Boys who, due to financial constraints, would not otherwise be in a position to afford a Trinity College education.

TOBA men continue to represent an institution of generosity, inclusiveness, excellence and community for all and support Trinity College in achieving its goal in providing a holistic, quality Catholic education and empowering its students to be Men for Others. The Old Boys' Association was established at CBC in 1902 and continued on after CBC relocated to East Perth and was renamed Trinity College in 1962.